Wednesday, September 07, 2005

First cabled project

Cables. I don't think I'm the only knitter who thought "cable" was a dirty word and far beyond my neophyte knitting reach. I was wrong. This pattern is from Bags a Knitter Dozen, published by xrx books. While I disagree with a few things in the pattern and did alter it a tad, it is practically brainless ONCE YOU GET THE HANG OF IT. I frogged this item four, that's 4 as in 1,2,3, FOUR times before I figured how to cable. My problem, and possibly yours too, was that I didn't use a cable needle and I had my yarn in front of the stitch to be knit or purled. Once I figured it out the main problem was enlarging the chart enough for my old eyes to read it. I scanned it in my computer and then enlarged it. Now I can print it out and mark off each row as I've completed it. I've died some more Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride with coffee and cinnamon to make another purse. I think I might use this same pattern. I felted this after I was done. I pondered what to do for a while and ultimately decided felting was the way to go. I might not felt the next one, but instead put in the recommended lining.

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