Thursday, September 08, 2005

The Best Use for Kool-Aid

The best use for kool-aid is dying my parent's beige carpet, but since my brother did that when he was young, I thought I'd stick with smaller projects. Denise (from KnittingParents list) volunteered to shop for people on the list when she went to Nevada where Brown Sheep is headquartered. (We paid for the yarn by the pound because it was seconds.) Along with yarn for 2 other sweaters, she got Lamb's Pride in Winter Frost for a sweater for my youngest son. Since this child can't even keep a white undershirt clean, a crisp white aran sweater was out of the question for him. So the yarn has been turned into many other projects. Koolaid dying is it's main function. I haven't taken pictures of my other projects and even gave one or two away before taking pictures (sorry!), but I HAD to post this. Instead of winding the yarn loosly and then dying it. I dyed it intact. This created a very fun yarn that had color on the ends of the inner yarn and increasing shades towards the outside until the very outer layer had deep color, but because I didn't turn it as perfectly as I could have, even the outer yarn had some varigation. I did two skeins, used 3 packets of kool-aid and the crock pot on low for several hours. No vinegar, no mordant, and a pre-soak of the skeins in plain water. This purse is just past the 1st skein. I cast on with the inside yarn and after a while, switched to the outer layers, then when that skein was knitted up, I added from the inside of the second skein. Here is a picture of the purse in progress (pre-felting) and I've pulled back some of the yarn in the skein to show how the ends dyed and in the inside is still pure white.

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