Monday, August 31, 2009

Another business, Dementia Busy Aprons

Modeled after aprons I saw online, but the shipping was insane and the cost was $35+, I made these after blurting out in a support group that I would. Poor impulse control is a problem with dementia. I'm selling them for $25 no shipping. They vary depending on the person, this one is for a woman. The toy is optional and specifically for the recipient. For a teacher it might have a pocket full of letters or flashcards. The fabrics are lush and functional. The 4 square patch on the top is sewn on the right side, but the zipper comes completely apart so you can have a kind of flap. Just another bright thing to fiddle with. Hope this is a hit. Since dementia has sidelined my career, and SSDI as not come through for 3 years, money is insanely tight. I will make a tiny profit on these. I use all thrift store clothes to make the additions. I purchased the aprons. I have 5 more to make.
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Saturday, August 08, 2009

And the wait goes on...SSDI

about a zillion years ago I applied for Social Security Disability. I wasn't happy to apply, it seemed like defeat. I was depressed at the very thought and found the 3,000,000 forms more than overwhelming. I got through it eventually (took me about 3 months!) and then my doctor didn't turn in any records so I was denied, but that took many more months to find out. That was 2006. I'm still waiting to be approved. I got a letter saying I was slated for a hearing with an administrative judge in September 2009. I have read from other people that the hearing is just another hurdle, it is in no way the finish line. We won't get rich from my SSDI, but it could make the difference between having any medical care and having none. If the two year wait is applied (2 years from date of disability) then I'm past that. I hope they approve me for medicare immediately. SSDI payments could be over a year away.
I wonder when I'll ever be able to contribute financially to my family again? DVD sales are seriously off, no mystery shop assignments from Starbucks (guess they're cutting and back too) and the dog I babysit is finally home. Dementia sucks, but dealing with bureaucracy while battling the effects of dementia really suck. At least I am not in end stage...yet!

Lindy the motorhome gets a quilt

Sarah has been quilting for a while, my mom asks if I am quilting and finally I can say yes. After making pinch pleat drapes for the bunk sleeping area of the Lindy, I still had fabric left and wanted to make a quilt. Sarah helped me pick fabric, but left the final choice to me so I have no one to blame for the fact that it turned out to be a John Deere quilt. I even cut it out and sewed it in the Lindy during a Kendo weekend! Yes, that photo of me sewing is from inside the motorhome :) I still have to bind it, but we love it anyway. It's for the RV for heavens sakes. Now I have fabric for at least 4 more quilts stacked in the dining room. I must get organized!

Cat updates

Oh boy has it been a crazy cat year around here. You can see in August of last year we fostered (then adopted) an adorable tiny black kitten. Sad to say, Kellen disappeared in May of 09. Despite being chipped, going door to door and posting signs, no information was ever received.
While we were enjoying a rocking trip to Pensacola Beach in the motorhome, I decided to check craigslist and saw someone had listed a small black kitten. It was abandoned at the side of the road in a paper bag or box (the story was sketchy). We talked about it and asked around about some other kittens, but seemed to settle on another black kitten, tiny, abandoned.
We picked up new black kitty the day after we got home. Max had named him Odysseus before meeting him. I still forget his name and call him Kellen. They look so much alike! He's great, loving, but won't play with Molly like Kellen did and Molly is sulking a bit. He's growing, healthy and we all love him.
My 9 year old cat has been thin for several years. The vet thought it was stress, gave me some meds and left it at that. Lately, she's gotten much worse. For those of you (sarah) who won't get another animal because of the cost, stop reading! After a liver biopsy ($409.) it was determined that it was not lymphatic hepatitis as suspected, it was lympha somethingerother sarcoma. No treatment, no hope. She has improved somewhat and for now we're letting her eat all the raw organic hamburger, greens, roast chicken and butter she wants. She will hopefully pass over the rainbow bridge without assistance, but we are prepared to help her if need be. We refused to let her linger in pain.