Tuesday, September 13, 2005

A reality check for the MS/AL/LA officials, PB one YEAR later

Our Laundry room, check out the water marks and still no machines
Regency Towers, a year later and you can still see through the building
this house was only a few years old when Ivan hit. It sits unrepaired
one of two cars still sitting on Ariola
This was once someone's home. It's a skeleton now.
Despite those who keep saying of the areas devastated by Hurricane Katrina "six months, but it will take years before it's 'back'" here's a little up close and personal pic of what Pensacola Beach looks like one solid year after Ivan. Many homes sit unrepaired and even have their pre-hurricane contents in various stages of decomposition spilling out of them. There are two cars, one barely recognizable as a car, still on Ariola Drive (beach front street). Dennis laid yet another layer of sand and water on the already damaged island and it never stops. There are piles of debris at the side of all roads and the beach is only passable with shoes on. There are pieces from foundation to roof in the ocean itself. The residents and owners, for the most part, remain hopeful. Insurance companies, contractors and container companies are everywhere. Flounders fed the residents for a month and is rewarded by everyone with unfailing support. Quietwater Beach is there, but all the businesses are empty. We don't know the story on that. We suspect the property will come back. Thank heaven's Alvin's Island is still there and beautifully renovated. Once this island was the working person's beach getaway with small cinderblock homes and efficiency motels. It was affordable and accessible. With each successive building regulation the costs to build and rebuild push this island beyond our reach.

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