Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Boys will be boys

The boys, little big and in between playing today.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Happy gift recipients!

Here are my SIL, neice and nephew sporting their fabulously hand-knit custom-made fingerless mitts. I am not making this up! My SIL opened hers first, my neice instantly said she wanted to borrow them and I was thrilled. All handknits should be so warmly recieved (take note all you less-than-enthusiastic recipients)

And, the next day, completely unprompted they ALL had their mitts on when we visited. Nephew slept in his I think!

shoot me

Gift from grandparents
the darling boys received airsoft guns. Their initial gun gift was defective and these were the backups. It is a great source of annoyance to my father that we allow them to shoot each other. I was raised with strict "no pointing a gun at a human, don't aim at it unless you're going to shoot and don't kill it unless you'll eat it" these guns break all those rules. My SIL hates guns. She married into the wrong family, but she's very gracious about it. For the record we didn't let the boys officially have any weapons until they were 12. They still made guns out of Legos and sticks. Back then at least they didn't shoot projectiles. Now sweet William has built untold numbers of Lego guns that shoot tiny Legos and other projectiles. He's the little builder that could.

The lights are on and nobody's home

Greetings! We're enjoying my family in Oklahoma immensley. My parents, however, do not have high speed, let alone WiFi. So we're driving around the neighborhood looking for Wifi hotspots and people who don't encrypt. There are a lot of you out there! THanks! It is because of you that we can get email, update blogs and generally communicate with the outside world! :)

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Some holiday knits...

here are some holiday knits for my niece and nephew. I will now post the photo of the gift for their mother (because she reads my blog sometimes I didn't post it until after the holidays). I have a few other things, but I foolishly either already wrapped them or already gifted them. Brilliant, I know. These are out of KnitPicks Swish on size 6 needles. Washable, soft wool. Yum!