Thursday, May 21, 2009

Frisco Feeding Frenzy (Jimmy Buffett)

I found the best group online for Jimmy Buffett stuff ( and stumbled onto a group that was planning a party with a purpose before the show in TX. This, of course, fit my love of volunteering and I quickly signed up. Before you knew it I had signed up Ginger and recruited my brother and SIL too! We eventually (months later) converged on Frisco Texas and the Pizza Hut Park for a phantastic phlocking phull of phun. (get the Parrot head references??)
We over-nighted in the glorious Lindy and were grateful as heck. I was quick to make friends and Ginger wished for some personal space, but we'll do it again next year. I will try not to get as intoxicated...maybe. I will try to keep my shirt on more...maybe.
Here are some highlights. The blanket was one of two charity projects sent to me by other BN knitters. I seamed the squares up (they were not even close to the specs I asked for) and next time I'm going to insist people measure.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Catsup, Ketchup, Catch Up

No matter what you call it, it's high time I play serious catch up and get back on the blogging wagon again. I admit that Facebook has taken the place of blogging, but will stop that silliness soon.
  • Hitting the high lights, Kellen, the much loved and affectionate feline who landed in our lives in August 2008, disappeared without a sign Friday, May 7. Despite much calling, posting and asking, he remains MIA. We only pray he is alive and doing well. We miss him more than words can say.
  • The Swine flu scare didn't scare us at all and we went about life
  • The boys are enrolled in Memphis Academy of Science and Engineering. Do not believe one word of what you read about it. The teachers are 99.9% outstanding. The administration is 99.9% hot air. We are counting the days until the new administration kicks in and hoping the boys have some other options before next year.
  • We adore the RV and had a BLAST taking her to TX for a Jimmy Buffett concert. We will return to FL to visit friends for a week and do a little fishing before our summer starts.
  • Max is going to be riding a bike to the local university (University of Memphis) to take Latin I and II for "fun" this summer.
  • William is going to be working at Molly's la Casita, attending Future Builder's camp at Bridges and hopefully going to the Library's computer camp and Bridges Peace Jam Leadership camp. The latter two are competative and we haven't heard a word yet.
  • Max is aiming for MIT, Virignia Tech, Georgia Tech or (his fall back) CBU for college. U of Alabama and Rice have also hit the radar thanks to friends who know his penchant for competition and high academic standards. We're hoping for a full-ride scholarship.
  • My dementia is slowly nibbling at my life and I rest a great deal every day. I still manage the bare basics of cooking and taking kids to and from school with occasional meetings thrown in
  • Ginger turned FIFTY.
  • The kids got us Mother's day presents without any help this year (internet shopping is great)!
  • We went to the Memphis in May [Mud] BBQ Festival and had a BLAST with the VooDoo BBQ Crew. Thanks Tricia and Chuck for including us. Thanks Gay, Jerry, Nancy and *Kelly* for partying with us.