Sunday, March 29, 2009

sand summary

The RV lifestyle appeals to our family, it fits our personalities to a "T". Despite a glitch in getting to Pensacola Beach in time for our welcome home party (we were 24 hours late!) and spending the night in the parking lot of the Hattisburg, MS Firestone parking lot, we enjoyed ourselves. Even when marooned in Hattiesburg (and I was sorely tempted to call a S'Wheaten friend so we could park in her driveway) we were content. We ran out of fuel because the 3rd tank fuel pump wasn't functioning properly. No problem, despite rain and cold the furnace was working and the kitchen was stocked. I prepared lunch and we sat, as a family, and enjoyed lunch. Then rested quietly while waiting for the AAA guy to show up with fuel. Loss, 2 hours; gain, relaxed family. Moving on to Hattiesburg and we noticed the engine was running hot. We had finally turned off the heater in the cab and that put extra heat on the engine. Quick call to my darling brother who is a Ford-o-phile and a decision to seek a mechanic before it was a roadside emergency, thus the overnight at Firestone while waiting for a part for the 1-ton engine. We enjoyed margaritas, DVD's and a warm dinner. Rainy evening and the kids stayed up to watch the antics of city people in parking lots late at night (from the safety of their RV windows). A great breakfast of sausage and biscuits which had the mechanics salivating and then they got the part and started working. We were all happy, warm, dry and relaxed despite not being at the beach.
The week at Renee's was chaotic. Financial, health and personal chaos ensued, but we helped as best we could, stepped back when we needed to and had the oasis of Lindy the RV to escape to at all times. Packing up and going to the RV shop was even pleasant as we got the best service we have ever had in Gulf Breeze Camper World. Again, as we waited and shopped newer RV's, we were able to step to our RV for drinks and snacks and bathroom. Heaven.
We learned we love turtles, with our home on our backs we are able to be safe, comfortable and connected anywhere, anytime. It's probably a testament to our parenting and love for each other that 10 days with 4 people in a tiny space produced no fights! TV, puzzles, games, Xbox, books, knitting and naps. We'll be back May 29th Florida, get ready!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Beach Bound!

Not to put too fine a point on it, but we are leaving for ten glorious days in Pensacola Beach, FL! And while the water will be a chilly 70 degrees, the weather will be warmer and sunnier than least part of the time. I'm sure Memphis will get nice and warm while we're gone, but we're still leaving! Photos to come, we're unplugged for the entire time, which should be interesting. Are you jealous?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Purim at Or Chadash

The entire family celebrated Purim this year. Max took a major role in the Purim skit and had the audience rolling. William jumped in and read fabulously at practice and got the part of 2 characters! Despite 4 shots of Seagrams, I didn't fullfill the mitzvah of getting snockered, oh well!

Willi's quilt for Patti

When Willi (z'l) died, unexpectedly, while Patti was out of town last year, everyone who knew them was stunned. I talked to Patti about Willi's extensive T-shirt collection and offered to make her a quilt out of his favorites. She carefully culled his t-shirts down to these few and after some initial trepidation, I jumped in and made this quilt. Now she can snuggle up with him any time she needs or wants!

more RV updates

I painted the kitchen and bathroom. Got rid of that wallpaper. Ginger said she didn't even notice it, but I sure did!

The boys can get along

At least for a few minutes once a day, the boys get along famously. I was fortunate enough to capture this moment.

D&D night

The kids have been enjoying getting together with a few other teen boys and playing D&D for hours and hours. The adults and littles have enjoyed just hanging out and playing.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Freakish weather

Spring in the south is mixed bag. Last week, exactly 7 days ago I went on a shopping spree with a friend and returned to a house with only one teen and fat fluffy flakes of spring snow that lasted for 3 days. Yesterday (friday) was so warm that I left the back door wide open and tried to open the attic fan, but my hands are losing strength. I had to wait for Ginger to come home from work. She got the attic fan working and we slept with a few windows open and the attic fan running. Amazing. I like both kinds of weather, but to have them so closely spaced is a bit challenging for plants and allergies. And in another 7 days we'll be headed to the beach for some time with friends.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Mommy's little helper

Anyone remember Kellen? That kitten rescued at 4 wks old from the animal shelter? He was never returned to the shelter, not that I didn't try, but it just didn't seem to be in the cards for him to be a foster. He's ours, lock sock and barrel. he is also HUGE and very very HELPFUL. He's in the middle of everything, whether it's playing with Molly (the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier) or sewing curtains for the RV, Kellen is there. Heck, he and JD even "help" me check my email!

Kitchy Curtains

These are not the best photos, but here are the completed curtains for the living room. What do you think we need to do about the couch and chair? Solids? More Kitchy stuff? Email me suggestions!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

New Curtains for Lindy

Thanks to Sarah for taking the time out of her Saturday to go shopping with me. We ventured out to Joann's and I found the perfect fabric for a project or two in the RV (Lindy). Then we went to a quilt shop. I must learn how to really quilt and soon. Here are the before and after shots of the projects I completed in the RV. From plain to coffee theme in the kitchen, plain to travel theme in the dinette and pink to tropical in the shower. Sunday Ginger went shopping with me and we had a blast. She picked out the kitchiest fabric for the living room curtains (RV).