Wednesday, September 21, 2005

latest finished object, the never-ending sock purse

I cast on for this purse months ago, honestly! I just discovered we're not much into wearing hand knit socks. I had this lovely KnitPicks yarn and knew it would never be the socks it was intended to be so I cast on for a purse on size 3 needles. Knitting insanity. Nothing special, but it's finally done. It's just a basic round bag with a draw string top. If you like it speak up, it could be your birthday present, LOL! You might consider wearing it as a hat like William and Ginger? If I weren't at the beach and on this infernally slow dial-up, I would edit this for better picture placement, but it took every bit of 15 minutes for these to upload, so deal with it! :)


Leslie said...

Sounds like you're having a great vacation - I read some of your blog which I picked up from your blogline at the end of your Townsend Sock post. You're so nice to think of looking for those Brittany needles!

Anyhow, your sock-knitting purse. Today's my birthday. For real. I'm so bold!

Anyhow, I'll leave you with this comment - my sympathy with the dial up connection. That's what I live with here in the woods of North Central MA.

Mar said...

I never thought of doing a purse from sock yarn!! I'm slowly accumulating a "leftover" stash ~~didn't know what to do with it~~now I do!!
Enjoyed your photos!