Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Grandmother's sweater

Several months ago I was fortunate to have my mother come for a visit. My mother is a wonderful, dynamic, energetic individual. She always brings special little things for each of us, whether it's a book, article or, in this case, a piece of vintage clothing! Yes, this sweater was handknit by my grandmother (of blessed memory) for my mother! It happens to be my size and one of my favorite colors. As I write this tonight, months after getting it, I have a picture in my mind of this sweater in my mother's dresser drawer. All these months I couldn't remember ever seeing it before. I promise my knittingparents list (a Yahoo group created and moderated by Christine, it's a wonderful list!) that I would post a pic of this sweater and here it is. I'd like to knit a clone of it in a KnitPicks yarn. Possibly Wool of the Andes because it's just a great workhorse, but maybe something washable, which they haven't made yet. If I made it out of Merino Style it would show the cables nicely.

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