Wednesday, September 07, 2005

My first sweater!

You've read about this sweater, now see my version. This is the Lion Brand hoodie pattern that's listed in a post a few weeks ago. It is, as the other post said, knit in Brown Sheep (BS) superwash bulky and I do love it. I changed it to knit in-the-round. I didn't stop for the arms soon enough and ended up making it longer than the pattern called for, which cut my yarn supply. I had planned to steek the front and put in a zipper because our eldest son likes zippered hoodies. I don't have enough yarn to make any kind of placket so I am asking him to wear it "as is" this fall and if he must have a zipper, I'll get some more yarn, possibly a complimentary color and add a placket for the zipper as well as pockets. In the meantime our youngest son is attempting to lay claim to the same sweater. (note his "MINE" pose in the upper right corner) I admit to toying with knitting another one, but it just may be my excuse to get more of this yarn! I've also priced WoolEast Bulky, Patton's Wool and KnitPicks Sierra for the 2nd sweater. For price, KnitPicks is winning. Our youngest is the one modeling this sweater. It is heavy, it feels wonderful. Like being wrapped in a strong loving embrace.

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