Thursday, August 25, 2005

It's official! I do NOT have a brain tumor! No signs of brain shrinkage or vascular blockage on the MRI/MRA either! So while the neurologist has no idea why I have memory loss, executive functioning problems and confusion, I do not have a terminal brain disorder. WHEW! Having a celebratory glass of champagne. AND I had started some chicken stock for comfort food after the MD appointment. I ate some and had some chex mix.

I continued to knit on the endless sock-weight purse from Knitpicks yarn. Ugh. I am so excited about Max's BrownSheep Superwash Bulky Blue Riff jacket that I emailed BrownSheep for other colors in their seconds bin :) Unless Denise is going to visit her relatives again soon and wants to run another mercy mission. Honestly, without her hard work, where would my stash be?!!! :::hugs to Denise!:::

Tomorrow morning is the endocrinologist and I will attack him with information that his Synthroid Rx has made my symptoms WORSE! Ugh!@!!

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