Saturday, September 10, 2005

Pensacola Beach a year later

We made it. One year and a staggering gas bill later, we're at "our beach" (see post from August) This year we're staying in someone else's rental and (ick) it has it's strong points (it's standing) and it's weak points (the colors, no TV reception, no toilet paper, missing many light bulbs) and we'll work on that. As is our tradition. After the quick unload we whipped up a batch of margaritas (ala Molly's La Casita) and headed to the beach. The difference? This year heading to the beach required either traversing over a pile of sand as high as our former M/N unit or heading to the side of it. The beach, however, is the beach. Regardless of storms, the ocean has waves and the sand is there. There is an enormous about of flotsam and jetsam and the boys LOVED climbing the piles of (yet unsifted?) sand to find treasure. Here are a few of their finds: part of a sprinkler system, faucet from a shower including piping, PVC piping, plywood, a lottery ticket, a kitchen sponge, something that looked like bone, and 9 intact tiles from someone's condo! We salvaged them and we'll come up with a project for it later. Ginger found some fabric and said it was perfect to make a Katrina purse from. So I'll be washing and sewing it later. For now we're watching Shrek 2 thanks to Ginger who insisted on bringing darn near our entire DVD collection. Without her, and without TV, gee, where would this vacation be? So it's drinking, noshing and enjoying our little family. I'll post pictures tomorrow...right after I contact RMI about our concerns. Did I mention the A/C filter was loaded with asthma inducing dust/mold? Yeah, we've been through that before and our staggering medical bills can't handle another emergency this far from home!
If you're headed this direction, we traveled through Montgomery and had no real problems. Fuel is iffy some places, fill up when you're at 1/2 to 1/4 a tank depending on mileage. The fuel is cheaper as you head south. It was 2.55 or so in Cantonment! No road problems, but THREE major accidents that Alabama highway patrol handled beautifully. We left Memphis around 8, stopped to chat with a friend in Olive Branch (hi Aunt Pearl) and then
headed to Pensacola. We arrived about 4:30 at the grocery store, which is our usual first stop.
Another margarita is calling my name (thanks for the tip Kelly, Bar Supply came through!)


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