Friday, September 23, 2005

Beach bums and bummers

Yes, it's hurricane season so we're at the beach. Where else would we be? Most days the water has been wonderful, clear and great for snorkeling. The sandbar is maybe 50 yards from the beach and when it's clear and calm we swim out. Sharks lurk beyond that so we don't even venture toward the far side of it! And in case you didn't know, NEVER go in the water at dawn or dusk...unless you want to be shark bait.
Ginger has set up her "office" on the beach with her chair and canopy. You can find her there most mornings sipping coffee and reading. The afternoon winds (pre-Rita) usually mean the canopy comes down. The boys are enjoying kayaking, boogie boarding and snorkeling. There are lots of things to find along the beach and construction everywhere. Our Pensacola Unschoolers meet weekly at Bayview Community Center so we're hooking up with other homeschooled kids too. William's already found kids who play Runescape. Such the little social butterfly. Max met Tyler, another quiet introvert, and they enjoyed spending time together. If the connection were faster, I'd post pictures of resource day, but that will have to wait until I get home or have insomnia.
Rita is kicking up the waves and the beach is virtually closed unless you like to be dermabraded top to bottom (the sand is blowing in a straight line through everything). The giant sand dune that protects our property is being worn down and one side has been breeched so the water is running into the lagoon. The winds blow and make the hurricane straps hum on the roof. Not exactly a great lullabye, but hey, we're safe and dry! Now if the cable guy would only show up so we can join the weather channel obsession. I am seriously missing Jim Cantore'
We've taught the boys to play 5 card draw and Gin too. We're limiting their computer time since it's a dial up we can only get one person online at a time. We're started going to the library for an hour daily during the heat of the day and getting online there. It's very crowded with all terminals in use at all times. There are many evacuees from Katrina and now Rita staying in the area.
On the needles, chugging along on the Cozy shawl from Knitty, cast on for Mom's birthday purse. Making it bottom up in the round, it's an oval to her desired demensions and knit in seed stitch. I'm making it up as I go :) And Mikey's birthday hat, which is a seeminly never-ending Fair Isle stocking hat. If the man didn't want it to go to his waist, it would be done by now. I don't know if it will make it in time for his birthday party. Still to cast on, Kelly's birthday purse and William's sweater.

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