Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Birthday lunch at Texas de Brazil!

We had a great time! Using a birthday coupon, we saved 25% too. William ate from the salad bar for a second time while he was waiting for his dessert to show up. The staff was stunned. Teenage boys do eat and this is all good food. Over all it appears the favorite was House Special Tenderloin. I love the asparagus soup and had that for appetizer and then later dessert!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Bar Mitzvah sweater FINISHED!

I don't remember, would have to check email records, but think I frogged this sucker a smidge over a week ago? One of the photos is from before the frog. I actually finished it, had him try it on and frogged it without even taking a photo. It was just too small. Reconfigured everything, panicked, regrouped and CO 2 more times. Here is the FO. It's great. Basically a seamless yoke using some figures from Handy Book of Sweater Patterns. Knit out of Swish worsted weight in "truffle", yoke in "bare" with scraps of swish and WoolWase for the brown. Ribbing on size 5's, balance knit on size 8 's. Sleeves knit two at a time on two circs. Finished size is 38 1/2. He can wear this for a couple of years. Lots of room to grow! He loves it and adores how great it matches the shirt he's wearing to his party. We're counting down the days...tomorrow is his birthday and he gets to go to Texas de Brazil. hey, a guy only turns a teenager ONCE.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Left handed knitting gets reviewed

Theresa, at Garden and Hearth, a fabulous website/blog, has graciously interviewed me and posted a great article at her site. the only thing I take exception to is the techno idea of flipping right handed instructions using a photo or text editor. The mirror image only works for Method B people.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Dainty Bess scarf/stole is FINISHED!

Knit on size 6 Addi turbo 16" circs with KnitPicks Shadow in Campfire. This took me over a year to complete. I have no clue who will ever use it or wear it or even get it as a gift, but it's finally done.

Sock yarn murdered by Wheaten

It was a beautiful day in paradise. Two FO's (finished objects for you muggles) were blocking and drying in the sun on the deck. I had been given free basic sock yarn and was fiddling about with entrelac (because I had a knitting problem and can not be with out a project no matter how pathetic or ill-fated the project is.) I had doors and windows open and took the boys and their friends to the beach to play for an hour. Upon my return I was greeted by our youngest, "You're going to KILL Molly!"
This is the scene that greeted me.It is to her credit that the needle was still in the pathetic big of entrelac. The yarn is pretty much a lost cause. Good thing Ginger arrives with sock yarn and needles within about 36 hours.

Gamers on the beach

This is just a montage of evenings the boys have spent with friends playing video games. A couple of nights they have had 3 gaming systems going in 2 rooms. The adults retreat to the balcony for wine and conversation because you can't hear yourself think inside the house.