Thursday, September 20, 2007

Rambling, knitting and sick dogs

The boys have a sleep-over guest last night. One of our kids went to bed as instructed. The other two stayed up until 1:40 when we busted them watching some Halo thing. One of the dogs had been sick (and sweetly on a washable rug, then on his sister's blanket) so we were cleaning up and kicking kids into bed. This morning, amidst the laundry and trash, I began to "see" a new sweater. I have two scarves that I'm slogging away on, but I also have some PayPal money that could be used for secret yarn (avert your eyes Ginger). I have been listening to KnitPicks podcast. I like some of the content, but Kelly Petkun needs to get her speaking voice cadence smoother. She has an odd, paused, exceptionally enunciated, speaking pattern and after 14 podcasts, I'm ready to strangle her! Actually I'm ready to start my own flipping podcast! But I digress. Listening to the podcasts has solidified my yearning for spinning (again, Ginger, avert your eyes). I am not a huge fan of colorwork, but I am also toying with making a Fair Isle jumper/pullover sweater. Maybe just a Fair Isle yoke. I'm yarn shopping, thinking of fleece, wondering where a spinning wheel could be stashed in our already packed home and low and behold another freaking stole/scarf jumps into my line of sight. As if I didn't have enough on my plate! Focus, I've got to focus. Paypal, spending limits, actual projects already OTN (that I'll admit to) and time. Paypal limit is 50. OTN projects: 2 scarves, 2 sweaters. Promised projects: dress for Bjarka, mittens for Mimi. A reasonable person would not purchase yarn for anything else, even if it was this nice stole or a top down, fair isle sweater. I'm sure I'd make the sweater up like i do everything else. But I like this color pattern. The big question is how to smoothly increase and decrease over this pattern without disrupting it over the yoke

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