Saturday, September 29, 2007

My Reviews of Knitting Podcasts

Through our teenage son, I have been introduced to MP3 players. Initially I did not see the benefit of such devices, but during the last month I have joined the ranks mp3 pod-listeners. To be fair, I have listened to Cast On with Brenda Dayne for a year, but on my computer, not an mp3. She is great! I am glad I can listen now without fighting ambient noise in the house. Podcasts put me on an island of knitting and fun friends (when they're done right!)
KnitPicks I started with KnitPicks podcast because I have been a die-hard KnitPicks yarn fan since their inception. The podcast, however, is lacking. Kelly's speaking voice in the podcast is difficult to listen to. It does not flow and interferes with the delivery of information. For some reason she feels she should not use the podcast to 'advertise' KnitPicks yarns. Why is beyond me as the podcast wouldn't exist if it weren't for the success of the yarns. weird. I do love, however, her interviews with some knitting notables. Her speaking voice changes somewhat and the interviewer is the focus. I will give these podcasts credit for continuing to feed my interest in spinning. It also confirms my suspicions that I am a pretty good knitter because Kelly says the noobiest things sometimes.
Lime & Violet OMG, I LOVE this show. What a riot! Dogs barking, lots of banter between friends. Good reviews and information, but I wish they would give the sites and books they are discussing more clearly. Often they are looking at something and gushing, but the listener is left out. I feel left out when they discuss some people as well. I'm not certain if it's a shop, a shop owner, an online seller or friend. Maybe I'm just too noobie to know? :) I would LOVE to be intereviewed by them though!
Stash and Burn is IT. Friendly banter, excellent information given in clear terms, good speaking voices and cadence and good interviews. It doesn't get any better (yet, I'm still new to this). These women seem to share my sense of knit style. The discussion about knitting books you love, but never knit from as well as issues with patterns, fit and schematics sold me on this duo. I want to meet them. Hell, I want them to interview me about Left Handed Knitting!!!
Socks in the City this one is a challenge. Perky and upbeat to the point of wondering if perhaps she should cut back on the espressos, she speaks at a rapid-fire cadence that leaves listeners reeling. That said, her love of all things-sock-fiber is inspirational. As a firm sock lover, I can hang in there and get some serious sock-spiration from this one. But the singing kid at the beginning? I just use the fast foward key. If the intro were shorter, I would listen to it all.
Pointy Sticks
I know there are more. Send me links in the comments section. At least they're cheaper than yarn :)

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