Sunday, September 02, 2007

Mimi's scarf

Knit from recycled yarn in a wool, alpaca, cashmere and angora blended from 2 different sweaters. This is knit on size 3 needles and the "Alternate broken ribs" pattern from Vogue Knitting copywrite 1989 p 156. This is hopefully going to be a very soft, but durable and functional scarf for the mild Memphis Winters. NO fringe, no tassles :) Tailored, right Mimi? A gigantic hug and thanks to Mimi who designed the cover for the DVD and logo. She wants a scarf, mittens and a pair of Trekking ProNatura socks in the Blue Ginger pattern as payment. What fun! The mittens will have to be swish or something equally washable though and not this luxury blend. I'll have to figure a way to make them coordinate. I guess the socks will have to be the Red Hot Mimi's!
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Anonymous said...

That is some verrrry soft yarn and I still can't believe that you are making a scarf on 3's. But it is looking great.