Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Kayaking in the Gulf of Mexico

When the surf isn't too choppy, we can make it past the surfzone and kayak. The water is clear, you can see way down and watch schools of fish, jellies and crabs. I usually paddle from in front of our home up to the behemoth that is Portafino and back. One of these days I'll paddle down to the pier and back, but generally the tide is such that I make the way out hard and the way back easy and that is heading east. Max went out as well. Good thing as it's his kayak! He foolishly chose to stay in the surfzone and got swamped. Twerp. I got swamped coming back in one day, a wave broke over me, without a spray skirt I was swept out of the 'yak. Good thing it was so shallow. William is a little nervous to paddle in the gulf, or anywhere for that matter, but he had a go briefly. He took in a lot of water passing the surfzone his next time out so I don't think he'll be trying it again soon. He's busy with Kendo anyway, we probably need to keep paddling just for Max and I.

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