Monday, September 10, 2007

Joe Patti Seafood, a family tradition

No trip to Pensacola (however short) would be complete without at least one foray into Joe Patti Seafood. We generally go to Joe Patti's on "rain days" as it entails a trip over two bridges so in addition to expensive, it's time consuming. We have watched this Pensacola institution expand, endure public attention and rebuild. Currently they have a sushi bar which was mediocre on this visit, but has been fabulous on other visits, a wine shop complete with Left Hand beer and, of course, various fresh seafood both local and from other waters. Today's catch was bay shrimp for $3.39/lb at about 20-25 count. We bought 3 lbs. When we got home I realized we didn't have any crab and shrimp boil in the cupboard. I rummaged around and threw together a semblance of a home made boil. Here is the result. It was great! Would have been better if we'd had some cajun sausage or other sausage.

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