Sunday, September 02, 2007

Kendo Cookies part 2

(This is an email, sent out by my fabulous wife, in one of our last-ditch-all-out-efforts for fund raising and the now bordering-on-infamous "Kendo Kookies by William" You've got to read all the way to the end. hilarious!)

For those of you who don't know, William is studying the art of Kendo which is a form of Japanese martial arts. Japanese fencing is how it's usually described. He's participating in a tournament and testing event in October in Atlanta and is going to try out for the National Team in his age bracket which, if successful, will require a great deal of travel including Japan. (Comment from Diane: okay, she's a little off the map, it's Las Vegas. He only wishes it were Japan!)
He is also home-schooled and as such, we are trying to teach him about math, business and finances and are requiring him to raise most of the money himself which brings me to the shameless and brazen solicitation. He has started his own business named "Kendo Kookies". He makes them, tracks costs, is learning accounts receivables and payables and customer service.
What he raises goes to the cost of equipment, travel and entry fees. It also goes to mitigate the mental and emotional damage that might otherwise cause his parents to be institutionalized. See, it's a win win for the Thornton-Leonard family. He gets to participate and we don't poke our eyes out with ice picks. Or his.
Attached is an order form. No pressure but I have to say that I've personally taste tested each kind of the cookies and must say that they are the BOMB. My personal favorite is the No-Bake but the peanut butter is running a close second with it's new and improved formulation.
Every order will be placed in a bucket for a drawing. Grand prize is a dog. Or maybe a child depending on his behavior on any given day.
Kidding about the prize.
Kendo Kookies takes cash, checks and paypal. He also accepts donations if you are averse to sugary snacks.

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