Friday, September 14, 2007

Flounder's Chowder and Ale House

With Margaritaville radio streaming through the open restaurant, this is often another family favorite. Not because the food is phenomenal. It's good, it's reliable as are the drinks. The weekly drink specials are GREAT. The volleyball scenery varies and can be incredible as can the live music, but eating in the section of the restaurant that is open to the Sound is really why we go. We hopped over for an early and indulgent bite tonight. Two Patron margarita's later we had dinner, were stuffed, but some how I said "yes!" to Key lime pie. I love key limes. And here comes the waiter with this THREE LAYER pie. It's freaking THREE pies stacked on top of each other. They must cut it into 4 pieces per pie and call it done. Four previously stuffed people managed to make a sizeable dent in that pie. Don't think Max did most of it (though he did) he was just the one opposite the camera.

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