Friday, May 25, 2007

More Kendo in Nashville with Maeda-sensei

William is quite devoted to the study of Kendo. We are fortunate to have Maeda-sensei within a reasonable drive (Nashville, 3 hours one way) monthly. We had hoped William could leave the trail build and practice with Maeda at TMG in Sweetwater, TN at least once during our week in Stony Fork, but the 2 hour drive coupled with getting off the trail at 3 and being grubby and tired did not lend itself to driving to Sweetwater and arriving by 5 let along the multiple cautions we were given about not driving the narrow, twisting mountain roads (did I mention no side-rails?) in the dark. So we dropped that plan and kept with the Sunday practice in Nashville. We left Margo and Peggy early Sunday morning in order to arrive in Nashville for practice. Had William's himo not broken, it would have been better, but we remain exceptionally proud of him for losing hours and hours of sleep to continually get there for practice. Since Maeda is moving in August, and there are several other activities in the mean time (Atlanta "camp), this may well be the last practice. We remain deeply indebted to Mrs. Maeda for sharing so many hours of her husband with us. I believe she has plans for reining in the outside activities once they move to Florida!

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