Friday, May 25, 2007

Heifer Project Field Trip

I highly recommend anyone and everyone find some reason to visit a Heifer Project location. We are fortunate in that my friend Andrea is a devote' of this charity and alerted me to their location in Perryville, Arkansas. The stalwart crew who got up early to attend PeaceJam was the same crew who made the 3-4 hour drive each way for this field trip. Vera's family and our family are truly wonderful kids. Both of us wonder why others didn't take advantage of this excellent opportunity (aside from the few who's children were under the age of second grade.)
We were given a long and indepth tour of the ranch, the history and function of Heifer and several hands on opportunities. We learned about zero-grazing pens, the health risks of open indoor cook fires and that chickory is a natural de-wormer for sheep! Our guide, Ken, was a wealth of information and gave us special treats as our group was small and moved quickly. We visited all the global village, several gardens, all the animals and had a great picnic lunch. The kids are motivated to do some fundraising for Heifer so don't be surprised when a special event involves a request for a donation to heifer.
After a stop for some caffeination and cold drinks for the kids, the drive home was blissfully uneventful.

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gwensmom said...

Eeeeeee that looks like so much fun! That spotted pig is so cute. I love the Heifer Project <3