Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Beyond Memory, the BC documentary

Elaine Wright and Lynn Jackson, formerly on the board of DASNI, are featured (along with 4 other British Columbia residents with various types of dementia) in this outstanding FREE online documentary! Ever wondered about dementia? Thought or even said to me "You can't have dementia, you look so normal!" This documentary will take a little over one hour of your life, but give you a very good education about what my life is like every single day. Please watch and leave a comment here. I'm interested in what you learned and will answer any questions you have. There are some incredibly informative and insightful statements in here from the people and with dementia and professionals featured. Beyond Memory
One of the things that I truly love is that Elaine knits! She has forgotten some and still works to remember that skill. There are days that I forget how to knit. The first time it happened I was terrified. Now, as with so many other glitches in my life, I have learned to respond with patience and distraction. Often these things will come back, but panic is not going to help.
DASNI pretty much saved my life. Without the daily support of the core group, I never would have pursued or believed the diagnosis of Dementia. I couldn't have dementia, I was too young! I didn't act like "those people". Now, after years of education and acceptance. I understand that Dementia, like many other progressive diseases is a sliding scale. Early onset can be the key to stopping the degradation in its tracks for a while, slowing it at worst. I panicked when I first struggled with losses, it even looked like I was "losing my mind", but only those closest to me ever saw this. For several years I withdrew from my more public events because I could not predict when I would forget or get confused and I had been told my personality had changed. Now, with the aid of time, acceptance, coping and medication, I am once again engaging in volunteer work fairly regularly. I have even taken on a tiny part-time job. It leaves me absolutely bone weary tired. We believe it is the interaction with others that drains me. I'm not sure I can keep this job, but struggle to bring in some income to support my yarn habit and the children's expensive activities. Ginger is incredible in supporting this family of 4 in a political climate that does not recognize our family, but that's another rant.

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