Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Ann Hood visits The Bar B Que shop

In a move that confounded me, I was informed via one of her many publicists, that Ann wanted to try unique local cuisine. Since I organized this little lunch, I got to pick the spot so of course I chose The Bar-B-Q shop. Locally owned and only one location, this is *it* for Memphis Barbecue (you are free to disagree, but remember, I own the blog so your comment probably won't see the light of day). Ann, ever the adventurer, got the entire menu. From appetizers (Suzie introduced her to smoked barbecued bologna) to ribs, pulled pork, even spaghetti! She took home a T-shirt and 2 containers of Dancing Pigs dry rub as souvenirs. We wore her out though and she begged off a planned visit to the Yarn 2 Go. Too bad, the ladies were waiting with their books and dessert. :( I'm sorry, but I completely understand her fatigue. I'll post more photos of the actual reading and signing tonight.


Knitman said...

Gosh Dinae you lead an active life! I have no idea who Ann Hood is. However, you obviously do and have had a good time.

Diane Thornton said...

Ann Hood is an author. She has written many books, the latest of which deals with grief and knitting. I have other posts relating to the book and recommend it for a quick, heartfelt read. "The Knitting Circle" publisher is Norton.