Monday, May 21, 2007

Big Dig 2007 Cumberland Trail

The kids and I left early Mother's Day(after a special breakfast with Ginger) for Stony Fork, TN to build trail for a week. Molly and Fudge really wanted to go and hopped in the car. They didn't like getting out and staying behind. It was the first week of the Big Dig and there was a crew there from AHS Volunteer Vacations. We met some wonderful people and avoided some real interesting slackers. Here are a few photos of us building trail. It was hard work, harder than most sections of the Ozark Trail that we've built because so much of this was in the Cumberland Mountains and it seemed to be one side hill after another. At least we never had to build stairs! Some others (Nancy, TC, Tony, Mary, Frank and Cathy, Kevin, Bill, Larry A., and Jim) did build stairs. I wish i had pictures, but taking my camera on the trail is hard on it. I am very proud of the boys. They hiked and built very well, even out-hiked and out-built two of the AHS volunteers! Everyone commented on how good they were (but managed to not hear them being evil to each other, they somehow do that only within my earshot)
There are still 5 weeks of trail left to build so sign up and check it out!
Volunteers are housed in the (now closed) Stony Fork school. A cook makes breakfast and dinner and lunch fixings are out on the table at breakfast for you to pack. Tools are provided and the school has showers and flush toilets! William and I bunked in the Honda Hilton (Element) and Max slept in the tent until the last 2 night when the temperature dropped and it turned out we had not packed a warmth layer. Aside from a very swollen knee, painful hands and Max's incredibly painful flat feet, we had a great time. We'll go back next year, but I might be cooking some days instead of working trail to give my body a break.

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