Sunday, May 06, 2007

Cinco de Mayo at Molly's la Casita

Sheli and Renee joined us for the second night in a row at Mollys for the obligatory Cinco celebration. I agreed to take photos for the restaurant. We got there early, had a frosty adult beverage and watched the crowd. Things were going well right up until the restaurant LOST POWER! Ginger and another MLGW employee were there and are long-time patrons. Here's a photo of them outside the restaurant, calling the company and doing everything they can to find out what's going on. Kelly, meanwhile, we on the verge of tears as she had a packed house and no way to serve food (pitch dark kitchen, margarita machine is electric, bathrooms also pitch dark) I raced to the house for the box of votives from Max's bar mitzvah. The power was restored after about 30 mins. Sam Toon lit his FIFTY FIFTH birthday cake to try to lighten things up (some patrons actually thought they killed the lights just for this). Robert & Jamie Chapman, owners, arrived just in time for the "fun" and a magician enthralled us with his skills once we could see clearly again.