Sunday, May 27, 2007

latest socks; summer lacy anklets

Knit out of KnitPicks Dancing (hula?) on size 1 needles, these socks created a nasty orange pool at the toe that I told myself I would hide by making it the bottom of the sock, but I turned the heel in the dark while watching a movie and was too lazy to rip it out when I saw what I had done. They are not my favorites. I have washed and dried them. They are okay, but I just do not love varigated yarns. I have not noticed any more stretch in these than any other socks, despite the fact that they have elastic/nylon in them. The yarn is on clearance and I now see why. For the ankle i did a k, YO, k2tog pattern and while it does not hug the ankle, it is relatively short. I've CO for the next pair; ProNatura from Trekking. I've noticed a few spots where the core yarn is not well wrapped, but they already feel very soft and I haven't even finished the entire toe cap!

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