Thursday, April 19, 2007

Scenes from a dog's life

I came home from William's Kendo class last night only to find this:
Apparently Fudge was falling asleep and channel surfing at the same time. In case you are wondering, that is MY side of the bed. For the sake of my wife's modesty, I did not include her, asleep, in the photo. She can thank me later.

Tonight, after dinner, it was very quiet and Molly, usually at my side, was no where in sight. Instinctively I grabbed the camera and found this: Molly, on the couch, not far from Fudge. Seems the girl is hitting her comfort zone. I love her!!!! Tomorrow she gets a doggie bed next to my computer. She should be mite free and once her skin heals she'll feel much better. The fabulous vet, Richard Leggett, put her on a dose of Prednisone today when I called and complained that she was hot and itching worse than last week. He was very kind in explaining how the mite's death trigger's a cascading allergic reaction.

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