Friday, April 13, 2007

a few more tidbits about the new dog

Here are a few photos after we all had dinner, a drink and a rest. I trimmed her face a tiny bit, but aside from washing off some of the necrotic tissue, I didn't want to stress her out too much. She had a nice comforting oatmeal bath. For a breed that doesn't shed, she sure has a ton of undercoat that acts like Velcro. I think I could strip her for hours and not get to the end of it. The vet and I think she is about 3. She only weighs 24 lbs! That seems a little light to me, but I'm sure with some GOOD food in her (Professional Lamb and Rice) and some treats, she'll fill out a bit. She appears uncomfortable with the hardwood floors and steps. She isn't showing any signs of pain or lethargy and her incision is tiny, about 1 inch long! it has purple glue on it. With the sarcoptic mange dots a lovely shade of pinky red and the purple glue her belly is a neon show :) We are still fiddling around with a name. She hasn't really sparked to any of them, but she is very overwhelmed by her long day (who wouldn't be!). NOTE: Saturday afternoon we settled on "Molly". Long story short, it was a last minute addition and became a finalist (other choice was Hermione). Our favorite restaurant is Molly's la Casita, rescuing this dog has depleted our Molly's money for a month and Molly McGuire was a legendary social activist in Ireland, Molly Brown was a legendary American woman of Irish descent.
And here is a photo of Fudge, because I have to be fair and say the only reason we ever thought about another dog is that he is SUPER!!!


lynsey said...

i'm in love

Anonymous said...

she is a cutie pie, Diane... but I do hope you are being vigilant in protecting yourself and the kids. Sarcoptic Mange is highly contagious from dogs to humans!

Diane Thornton said...

Well, actually it's not all that contagious. The mite can not complete it's lifecycle on humans. if someone develops a rash, it is self limiting. Turns out there are other types of these mites that cause scabies in humans. The larger concern is the other ANIMALS, who we are prophylactically treating with Revolution. Other than that we just wash hands a little more than usual and her bedding daily to cut down on secondary bacterial infection in her skin.