Thursday, April 19, 2007

new Alzheimers and related Dementing disorders info

There is a new ad campaign, I haven't seen it on TV, but got some good links from the USADementia and DASN yahoo groups. I do want one of the Tshirts (and I'm not a Tshirt kind of person). I can't decide if I want Voice, Open or Move though. (click the blue text that says ad campaign to see what I'm talking about).
There is a link to this site and I was shocked to see they had an entire forum, complete with a wide variety of topics, for Early Onset. It may have chat, my friend Sandy says it does, but I haven't noticed it.
for Chat I used the Fisher Center, DASN chat room at 2, 8 and 10 pm Central Time. I used to hit chat regularly. But when the boys got more activities, I found I didn't remember in time very often. I always love the core group. They are fun, witty and irreverent. We are not just a bunch of fuddy duddy old demented farts! ;)
Wish I brought my camera to Early Stage support group (third Wednesday of the month, at the AA office in Memphis) yesterday, what a fun crew. I think there are 10 of us. The director is kicking around the idea of an Early Onset group and asked me to lead it. Too bad there isn't any money in it! Heaven knows it's tight around here since I retired. Maybe we can work something out, but for now it's just in the planning stage. I wish they had a presence on the web. If you google that group there's only one hit and it's from an old server. If you have early stage dementia related disorder OR are early onset dementia disorder, call
Sheryl Ludeke-Smith
Regional Director, West Tennessee Office
Alzheimer's Association
326 Ellsworth Street
Memphis, TN 38111

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