Saturday, April 14, 2007

Cold, drizzle= crawfish festival

My friend Shannon, who vends at this event every year, says the weather is guaranteed to be lousy. I volunteered this year because the event benefits the local Alzheimer's association. Volunteer set-up didn't go quite as well as I might have liked, but I did work for 3 hours, then got the family and brought them back for crawfish. It was too cold for beer, so I gave my vouchers to Shannon, who was stuck there for the duration. She got to come home to a warm, dry house. Here are some shots of us playing with our small, stinky food.


olympiablue said...

Sorry to have missed you there! Hub's band opened the festival (winners of The Great Unsigned from last year) so I was there shivering, too... altho I passed on the crawling foods!

Diane Thornton said...

They sounded great! Wish I had taken some photos of them, but after I touched the crawfish, I was reluctant to touch my camera again until I had scoured my hands.