Tuesday, April 03, 2007

There's no Seder like our Seder, it's fun and it's not long!

Can you hear Ethyl Merman singing that? (go ahead, try) So ultimately we hosted a total of twelve people for first night. Big hugs and thanks to my darling wife Ginger for helping clean for days and ironing linens (which she announced as she dropped off to sleep last night "must go to the cleaners next time") Thanks to Diane Mc and Pat S. for loaning card tables. Thanks to the boys for making the plague bags, peeling oodles of potatoes and making salad. The Haggadah was our very own and I noticed more errors than before (the Aricept is working!) so I might make a new one or buy a new set. Any one used the "30 minute seder" with any luck?
The menu turned out well, if I do say so, and I should probably post the recipes on my other blog, but that will have to wait until I have regain some energy.
  • Chicken Soup with matzo balls
  • chopped liver
  • gefelte fish (thanks Pat!)
  • homemade maror & charoset
  • salad
  • potato kugel
  • carrot tzimmes
  • orange stuffed chicken
  • matzo latkes (thanks Scott!)
  • cheesecake (thanks Dave!)
  • wine (Thanks Terry, Scott & Dave)
  • chocolate macaroons (thanks Michael)
  • chocolates & coffee (thanks again Ginger)
A neat idea this year was to make the meal on the grill! The side burner heated the soup (which was made in advance), the grill cooked the chicken (in a roasting pan) and the kugel. It kept the heat outside and worked great. Here are a few photos. Guests in attendance were Dial & Terry, Pat, Dave and Charlotte (I'm dancing at your wedding), Scott, Michael, Ginger, Max, William and me.

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