Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Names for the New S'Wheatie and a rescue comes to visit

wheaton terrier x - f - 1y - due out 4/10I remembered treats, a brush, a tennis ball and a notebook, but forgot the camera. Sorry! This photo is compliments of the shelter volunteer who posts animals on the web. Many thanks to the long-suffering Ginger for giving up her lunch hour and not getting a lunch only to rescue a life. Ms. S'Wheaten Thing is joining our family maybe Thursday. No, she does not have a name. She is young. She is mellow, she is curious.
  1. Saoirse (SEAR-sha) Gaelic for Freedom
  2. Sheenagh (Sheen-ah) an irish form of Jane and means God is Gracious
  3. Faraday, heroine of The Wayfarer Redemption and last name of famous Irish Scientist
  4. Freedom
  5. Taffy
  6. Freida
are some names we're kicking around. While I am intellectually drawn to Saoirse, I like the sound of Faraday. I am, however, hesitant as I fear she will become electric in a bad way if we name her that.
On another note, the other dog we had considered in the finalists, Hannah (a Chesapeake bay mix) is coming to foster at our house until she jumps on the doggie transport Thursday of next week. So for a brief moment we get to help her. The kind rescue lady, Katherine, took pictures of Hannah and William and used them to help get Hannah accepted by Connecticut Lab rescue (I think). Hannah is just too mellow for our family. We hope she blossoms when she's here.


Rice said...

What a noble thing to do, rescue dogs. The wheaton is usually very playful. I like Saorise but you don't even know me :)Best wishes. Just reading some random blogs.

Noodle said...

I think I rather like the name S'Wheatie. :)

She's beautiful!