Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Struggling with figuring out cables. I've frogged this pattern three times now! I've figured out part of the problem is when I try to make the cables left-handed instead of right-handed and when I bring the yarn to the front for the purl stitch. It just doesn't work. So I'll knit this cabled purse up with "backwards" cables and be done with it (hopefully).

Ginger had a very serious moment the other night and said she had a lot to learn (about running the house and caring for the boys) and that I better write it all down. Fly Lady would say it should all be written down anyway, not just because I may have dementia/brain tumor/stroke. So I'll update my computer files, print a paper copy and hope for the best.

MRI (open) is scheduled for the 22nd of August. I oddly hope they find something, but then again, if they don't what IS wrong with me??? supposedly there is a CT scan in the near future too, but no appointment for that yet. Dealing with the university is difficult most of the time. There's no real realtionship with a doctor. I found a dementia support group that's been helpful. At least if it is dementia, I have finally found other people who are not 67 and retired to talk with. There's a "baby" on the list who's 29! Others were diagnosed late 30's and early 40's, and plenty who are older than 50. I guess I'm not alone. At times I struggle with what I may become, a kind of evil mindless monster who destroys any positive memories anyone had of me. I hope there's a way to avoid that. Most of all, I don't want to miss a single day of loving my wife and spending time with our kids. I might have to seriously limit computer and TV time if the diagnosis gives me limited time. Finally got Max to play a card game with me yesterday instead of spending time on Rune Scape! :)

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