Sunday, August 14, 2005

If you found this blog, you're either smart, curious or lucky. This is a top secret blog. I have decided to keep it linked to my profile. My friend Karen tipped me off that she'd found it 2 weeks ago. I continue to hope on some small level, that there is NOTHING wrong with me. Just some short, okay, not so short, glitches in behaviors, memory and executive functioning :) However, if you are reading this and you actually know who I am, don't expect me to discuss this with you openly. Our children do NOT know specifically what's going on. They know I'm sick. They know we're doing less for now. They know I have headaches and get sick. Max has noticed I've lost weight. (I have been able to eat about once a day, generally later in the day without getting sick.) Nobody knows what's causing this so I don't have anything to tell you. I will tell you that I don't need anything, no help at all right now. We've slowed down activities and I'm teaching the kids to navigate when we drive, along with how to call for help on the cell if need be. I prefer to have them with me, we're trying to enjoy time without focusing on health. Ginger has shown sincere concern and is more demonstrative. That is a wonderful glorious thing. As soon as we know something definitive, we will be open with friends and family. Until then this is top secret so pretend you didn't read it!