Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I am now officially so sick of being nauseated that it's making me sick. Yes, that's a brilliant example of circular logic and, trust me, I am going in circles. Either I'm nauseated and have no appetite or I eat a tiny bit and as soon as it hits my stomach I feel horrible and am even more nauseated. Coca Cola is my friend. For some reason diet coke doesn't do the "trick" like regular coke. :::sigh::: No pity party here, just some frustration. The headaches I can live with. The nausea is annoying. I work pretty hard at finding ways to get food in me, though I certainly need to lose weight. I know that losing weight through virtual starvation is not healthy. I average 1/2 pound weight loss a day. Some days I manage to hold steady or even gain a pound only to lose ground the next day. I am counting the days until my next appointment.

I had a brain storm the other day. What if this nausea is a side effect of my meds? Hmmm. Now I know I had nausea way before they started me on the meds, but it *had* for the most part, stopped. Now it's my constant companion. The kids are being great. Not really focusing, but noticing if I appear to have a headache or be nauseated. Ginger isn't commenting again. Not sure why. I think she's annoyed that I'm not going to the ER. I know she called my attorney and asked her to draw up POA and DPOA. She did this without my consent. So of course I don't have them and I haven't signed anything. It's a good idea to have these pieces of paper in order no matter what's going on though. Especially given our extra-legal status.

Staying slightly busy seems to help. Knitting works sometimes, TV works a bit, video games with the kids work a bit, going to work helps after a while, but not if I'm there too long. 3-4 hours seems to be my limit. I have curtailed my volunteering for a few weeks. Guess it's time to get back in the groove.

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