Thursday, August 25, 2005

Cast on for Max's sweater/jacket tonight. I have been eager to begin this sweater since Denise sent me my Brown Sheep order. I got Lamb's Pride Superwash in bulky weight and "riff blue" for his sweater. I've been working on 3 different purses and cast on for my first article of clothing, a shrug for me as soon as I finished one of the purses. I thought I needed the same sized needles for my shrug and his sweater, but turns out I needed longer needles for his sweater so a trip to Yarn to Go for some more needles. I bought Clover circulars. These are my first bamboo needles. She was out of Addi's in 10's and and I like consistency in a pattern so I needed bamboo in both the 10's and 8's though I did get some more bry-flex double points too for the cuffs. This is knitting up so fast! I've never worked with bulky weight before, but this is wonderful stuff. As soon as it's done, I'm steeking for the first time because Max likes a zippered jacket. I was going to try the Wallaby, but I'm a very frugal knitter and I found several free patterns online. There are at least two different Lion Brand Homespun Hood Knit Sweater patterns online and they are not identical. Here's the one I'm using and in no time there will be a picture of it on this blog!

As an added bonus. This new project is completely distracting me from my impending appointment tomorrow with the neurologist. I so hope we'll get an actual diagnosis. I am prepping myself for the "worst", which would be "we don't know what's wrong, more tests..."

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