Wednesday, August 24, 2005

It's got to be the Synthroid. There's just no reason I should be so sick! Memory problems are one thing, but this is ridiculous. I was up until 3 last night. Not tired in the least. Thank heavens I knit. I kept putting my shrug down, saying I was going to go to bed, but I felt horrible. I had eaten some crackers and since they didn't upset my stomach I'd have crackers and some of my garrrrrlic dip. Bad idea. Was sick for hours and gradually wasn't sick, but felt horrible. I didn't even get my shrug finished for all that :(

Running some errands today. Max wants to get a few new books. He wrote some more thank you notes last night. William has lost computer for a month because he cut a small square of fabric out of my FAVORITE tie-dyed rayon ribbon dress (Fawn & Tino designs) to do Voo-Doo! Yep, big brother-the-babysitter read some silly book about voodoo when he was waiting to meet Alton Brown in November. Now why he mentioned it to little brother last week is beyond me, but he did and William took it upon himself to make a voodoo potion. I noticed the missing fabric in the hem yesterday and it would be correct to say that it did not go smoothly when I asked William what happened. Eventually he told the truth, we took his computer game RuneScape away from him for a month. You'd have thought we were depriving him of air.

enough drivel. Off to call my mom and tell her I have a neuro appt. Thursday so she cancels her plans to come the following week.

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