Monday, March 05, 2007

Tahki Stacey Leaf Sweater, changing neckline

For those of you who are on the best knitting list in the world (knittingparents at yahoo groups), you might remember I posted a question about reworking a neckline of the Tahki Stacey Leaf Sweater that I finally finished. After some consideration I crocheted in a stabilizing line, fortified myself and CUT the center neckline, began carefully picking out the former neckline only to discover that I could not possibly alter the neckline without ripping out the seaming and frogging back. So I did and here is the new altered sweater. BTW, I am not fond of the stupid thing and have destroyed the pattern lest I am ever tempted again. My body requires shaping all over the place and this sweater doesn't have any. Unless you are board straight and thin, do not knit this pattern even if it is free and the yarn was deeply discounted, you won't be happy.

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gwensmom said...

It looks great, buty OMG you CUT IT!!! The sight of it is making me woozy.