Monday, March 05, 2007

recycling yarn from thrift store sweaters

There are good tutorials about this thrifty knitting technique on the web, but I have been reluctant to try it. Thankfully Sarah showed me a sweater she had purchased and then proceeded to frog it at a MemphisSnB group so I was brave enough to finally give it a try. I purchased 2 sweaters at the local DAV on super mark-down day. I washed and dried one before frogging, the other was 100% wool and I decided to frog it instantly. It was a window pane sweater and probably not the best choice. I apologize for not taking before photos, but was too eager to actually start. The boys enjoyed holding the sweater while I wound the resulting yarn into balls. They ran through the house and one of them even ran out the back door with the sweater swiftly unraveling behind him! Here are some photos of the boys then winding the balls of yarn into hanks and a photo of after hanking and after washing. The yarn is fingering-sport weight. Not sure what it will be. There is an angora blend sweater that I also quickly (and much more easily) frogged that is also lacking any photos. Note that one child did chair hanking while the other did roaster pan hanking. His own idea. They worked diligently. Maybe they were both hoping the yarn would be their next sweater?


gwensmom said...

Now you are addicted. My work is done.


Anonymous said...

COOl pictures, looks like the boys enjoyed attcking the sweater :-)
Let us se them as they proseed with the next sweater, and then from we want to see the sweater before as wel.
Not many sweaters safe from the "frog-boys from now on i guess ;-)