Monday, March 05, 2007

KnitPicks Bare Donegal socks (another pair)

These are the 2nd pair of socks I got out of one hank of Bare. One was knit on size 1's the other on size 3's. Size 1's are better, but sure take a lot longer. The yarn is soft, incredibly soft, and because of that it doesn't wear as well as it might. Be careful about wearing these with any shoes that have friction. I tossed them on with a pair of old tennis shoes and the back of the heel pilled some. (note I did not do a reinforced heel). I will happily knit with this yarn again, I might try a different heel due to the softeness, but probably not. It's great. It's available in colors as "essential tweed" from KnitPicks. Speaking of, I want to rant a bit about their current magazine/catalog format. YUCK! Pages upon pages of books for sale and projects shown from books knit with their yarn and then at the BACK they have TINY rectangles of swatches of their yarns. I want BIG picks of the yarns so I can dream. How about you?

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