Friday, February 23, 2007

Yoke Sweater for William

I have started a sweater for William. My idea was to use up some bits of Swish that I had laying about and hope it was enough for a brown sweater with a patterned yoke. HIS idea was for me to purchase more of the brown yarn and make a cream colored yoke that I later duplicate stitch his name is Japanese Kanji. Since it is his sweater and he is a bright and opinionated boy (and since I do not relish spending time knitting a sweater he will outgrow and never wear) I wisely defered to his wishes. I now am stalking the postal carrier for the latest order from KnitPicks so I can get this thing done while it is still cool. The lastest blast of warm weather worries me and I fear it will have to be frogged before he even gets to wear it. Next time I might consider making a top down sweater so I can add length, but it won't help if he grows rounder as well. I am happy using 2 different sized needles and the Options cables for the sleeves. My latest brain problems make 2 matching items difficult to produce, so I knit sleeves, socks, etc, on 2 circs at the same time. I am using size 4&5 for the cuffs and size 5&6 for the body of the sweater.

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Keppy said...

Duplicate stitch Kanji will be so fun looking!