Sunday, March 25, 2007

Busy little baker (and cook)

No knitting to report. Sorry! I have visited the DASNI dementia chats a few times in the last week and reconnected with old friends. It's a great chat if you have dementia. I went a little nuts in the kitchen yesterday making blue cheese dressing, Tzatziki, french bread and grilled, marinated chicken breasts. Then when it was all done I went back in and made cookies! See my other blog ( for the actual recipes and photos. Planning for 1st night Seder is in progress. I am about to run out of room. But I am keeping it simple to help with the dementia. No more cooking for 22-30 people, I'm asking people to bring things. I'll post photos in a couple of weeks. Here's a great shot of Ginger and Max just hanging out the other day after she got off work and a photo of William with yet another potato cannon he built.

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