Monday, August 14, 2006

Some FO's

I'm not certain if I posted these socks before, but they bear repating. I can't remember the sock yarn though, sorry! I'm sure it's from my latest raid of sock yarn on 85% discount from the LYS. These were knit for my darling Ginger who has rather short wide feet. She loves them. I finished another pair and wanted to take a picture, but they're on her feet at the moment and she is at work. The poncho is from IK Fall 2005 staff projects "Ponchos" and is the Brioche Stitch. It took just slightly over 1 skein of LB Fisherman's wool and was terribly easy once I got the stitch figured out. I am gifting it to my SIL for holiday, but need to send a little bird to ask if she'd even use it. Otherwise it will find another home. The slippers are the "Fuzzy Feet" from and I've made a few other pairs (see last blog entried from last Fall?). This pair is for my mother's birthday. I did not take a before felting picture because, honestly, I was mortified at my knitting. I do not have 10 1/2 DPNs. I couldn't remember if I knit the previous ones on 10's or 11's. I opted for the 11's and made them per the pattern, adjusting for my mother's 11 inch long foot. The resulting "sock" (pre-felting) was literally gigantic. It was probably just shy of 20" long? And for her skinny foot, I feared it would never shrink in diameter. Into the washing machine set on hot wash/cold rinse and FAST agitation. After 14 minutes there was little felting. I set it to wash again, went to bed and just hoped for the best. I woke to these. Granted, the doubled yarn on the cuff prevented the cuff I'd hoped for, but at least these will fit her feet. Their final felted length is 11 and they are indeed rather slender in the foot. Whew! Posted by Picasa

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MadCat said...

I love the blue and white together. Those are just gorgeous!