Sunday, August 27, 2006

M.O.M. (make one mitten)

my first mitten. I named it M.O.M. (Make ONE Mitten) because I have entered into the category "gloves and mittens" in the Midsouth State Fair, but have never made a mitten or a glove in my life. So last night after I dropped William at theatre for another performance of The Full Monty, I CO for this mitten. Knit in Fisherman's wool it's an Aran cabled cuff knit on 12 stitches then bound off and stitches are picked up for the mitten. The cable in introduced on the back portion of the mitten. The thumb was knit with scrap yarn then picked out and stitches picked up. I'll make it's mate and be done with that category. I will knit another mitten, but will make the gauge somewhat smaller. We have mild winters here, but not every one does.
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Michelle said...

I like the cabled cuff -- is there a pattern for these available someplace?