Monday, August 14, 2006

Denise shops 2

Because blogger limits the space for photos on each post (I am toying with switching to google pages, but don't know if I have the brain cells for that) here are pictures of the rest of my stash enhancement. The cotton fleece is for the Tahki Leaf sweater free pattern in Vogue spring knit magazine. And the nature's spectrum, which I thought I would love and am not as happy with the feel of it as I'd hoped (but when it's knit and washed I'm sure it will be dreamy), is for the dropped stitch cardigan pattern from IK Fall 2005. I'm CO for the Tahki Leaf Sweater today! It's going to be my vacation knit. I think I will try to add a bit of waist shaping, but not sure I can figure it out.
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Dawn said...

I have never had Blogger tell me I have too many pictures, and some of my posts have A LOT of pictures in them! Some days it runs slow, though, and I can't upload for a while.