Monday, August 14, 2006

A pigeon in the chimney

Our &*$*#@%!!! neighbors have $%#@!! pigeons who land on our roof and this one flew or fell down one of our chimneys. It was 3 days of "there's a funny noise in the basement" before I finally got brave enough to force William into the basement to figure it out. I had previously sent the cats on reconnaissance without success. So after a hysterical phone call to Ginger and some incredible guts (William) and freaking out (moi), we got this part of the boiler vent removed and here's what we found. After some more guts/freaking the bird was removed, calmed and returned to said neighbors. However, the grandma answered the door and she speaks no English (that's another rant) so they got their %#@! bird and we lost a perfectly good t-shirt in the process. If it's any consolation one of our cats caught and played with another of their pigeons several days later. That bird has been in our backyard for 3 days without moving much. Yesterday I picked it up and launched it across the fence, where I heard it land. I wish they kept them in an enclosure :( Posted by Picasa

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