Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Thanks to EOD and too many changes at my job, I am officially retired from social work as of Tuesday. It's been a long and interesting ride. I've enjoyed so many of my co-workers both in Memphis and in OK, but look forward to some simpler times ahead. Today I have absolutely NOTHING on my schedule except hosting DASNI chat at 2 pm CST. The Tahki "Leaf" sweater pattern from the Vogue Spring 2006 advertisement has finally worked out and I'm continuing on the 6th pattern repeat. William's best friend slept over last night and Max is hoping to finally get his birthday present computer up and runnning. I've been on Aricept for a week. Life is pretty good. Posted by Picasa

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MadCat said...

Congratulations, yes? This is a good thing right? More knitting time, less stress. Life couldn't be better? Enjoy! :-)