Friday, July 14, 2006

Yarn2Go sale yarn purchases

I 'm a little late in posting this as the sale was 2 weeks ago, but here's what I finally (frugally) decided on. The Bingo is Lana Grossa 100% merino in a brown verigated that I hope to mix with a solid or heathered brown yarn from Brown Sheep to make Tubey ( and the sock yarns I got for 85% off. No, that is NOT a typo! Can you believe it? That's enough fabulous, varied sock yarn for 5 socks. And for about $2 or less per PAIR! You can see that I have the Regia Stretch Color already CO. I think I'll use either the JAwoll cotton or the Clown cotton (both wool/cotton) for the next pair and probably give one to my mom. Of course I'll have to buy more needles as I gave my size 2 dpn's to a friend :) Both the Regia Stretch and the Trampoline yarn have elastic in them and are positively fun to play with even in the skein. The Socka is just a tried and true sock yarn and I like the subtle blue.
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